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Olivia Piana Sets New Downwind Foil World Record – 287.4km

Olivia Piana has set a new world record for the longest downwind foil covering a total of 287.4km which took 14 hours and 36 minutes off the west coast of Portugal.

Here is the FULL story of the Downwind of the South West, Portugal.  The end is very special ! You will know why we had to cut the live and focus on a Plan B. Thanks again to all the team on the boat and on land for have been absolutely wonderful ! It wasn’t only about me, all of us gave it all !!  Thank you so much for all your messages. I can’t reply to all of them now so I tell you a Big Thanks here.
– Olivia

Olivia completed this on the 29th June, 2023. She is doing this to raise awareness and help the Portuguese Dunes and ecosystems which are in critical danger. You can help by heading over to her instagram below and donating.

More information will be coming out about this soon and we can’t wait to hear more. Congrats Olivia!!

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QR: Olivia Piana Sets New Downwind Foil World Record – 287.4km

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