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Monthly Round-up of SUP / May 2023

Welcome to our collection of the biggest news and stories that have taken place in the SUP world from the previous month. Let's recap what happened in May 2023.

7 Days At Sea - Brendon Prince Announces next Expedition

Brendon Prince, the paddler who circumnavigated mainland Britain, is now preparing for another unbelievable SUP expedition. Brendon has announced ‘7 DAYS AT SEA’, his new adventure SUP challenge for summer 2023.

Paddling, eating & sleeping all on a stand up paddle board for 7 days, no boat support, never getting off and carrying everything needed for a 7 day adventure. The paddle plan is to demonstrate paddling with the conditions, showing how to ‘paddle around the corner’ safely, how to work with the conditions or hide from adverse weather. This is why there is no destination, 7 days exploring where the conditions promote adventure SUP. Spending 7 days on a board, out at sea is considered extreme by some, which helps promote my water safety message to those who otherwise wouldn’t hear or listen. Plus, a WORLD RECORD attempt for the longest time spent on a flat deck paddle board (no cabin).

Blue Ewer Wins Lake Rock SUP Festival - SUP Alps Trophy

Blue Ewer, UK, wins the sprint race at the first stop of the SUP Alps Trophy and placed third in the long distance race securing his best result in an international SUP race.

The Lake Rocks SUP Festival is the first stop on the SUP Alps Trophy tour and was hosted in Austria over the past weekend, 18-21st May, 2023. Competitors from across Europe and the world battled it out across sprint and long distance divisions.

The Eye Race - 2023 Irish Winter SUP Race Series

THE EYE RACE took place in the waters of Howth Sound and Ireland’s Eye, Dublin, on 22 April 2023. Paddle hard and paddle fast was the name of the game in this inaugural SUP event. Event 7 in The Irish Winter SUP Race Series, organised by Discover SUP and hosted at Howth Yacht Club, this brand new stand up paddle boarding competitive event attracted 26 entrants from all over the island of Ireland, ranging from members of previous Irish World Championship teams to first-timers. The event consisted of two class divisions, Class 1 for touring and race boards 11ft+, Class 2 for all-round boards 11ft and less.

From early on Class 1 was led out by the current series leaders in their respective categories, Ross McGarry and Mary Dowling, as they took on their 11.5km course. In Class 2, current male series leader Paul Kiernan had a fight on his hands before he secured his lead position, while Sinead Murphy, brand new to the racing scene, took the 5.5km course in her stride as the only female in her category.

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