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Are You On The Right Board? Deep Dive Into Surf SUP Design For Performance / SUPboarder PRO

In this SUPboarder PRO video, we dive deep into SUP surf design to arm you with the knowledge about performance boards, to ultimately answer the question; Are you on the right board?

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Troy Cleary
1 year ago

A lot of good points in there. Personally after owning over 40 sup’s it can be hard to find what works with so many options. If you have the luxury of owning multiple boards it’s great to have a “ performance “ board , a “ all rounder” and a “longboard” to cover all base’s.

1 year ago

Great vid! You confirmed technically my understanding of board size after several costly mistakes going through over a dozen boards since I started sup surfing. Going too small/short without a compatible skill set was very frustrating to say the least. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to demo boards or other boards to try so we spec and buy a board that we think we can ride which in the end can be very expensive. As you skill level improves, I found it’s safer to go in smaller increments to avoid costly mistakes. The smallest board in my current… Read more »

1 year ago

This one has me thinking. Out for 3hrs today and it seems a combination of strength training at the gym and some extra rubber for the cold has my 8’6 jp pro sitting a bit lower than it once did(im at 95kg dry). I’m falling a bit more i think, but in specific situations like back wash or the shallow sand bank when it’s sucking so the tail sinks and I’m catching my heel side rail taking off on some waves. I’m wondering if I’ll adjust and compensate for my current weight or if it’s better to just go bigger,… Read more »

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