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Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Board Test 2022 / SMIK Hipster Twin

In the first instalment of our 2022 SUPboarder PRO Head To Head Wide Body Surf SUP Test, we ride the SMIK Hipster Twin 8’10” x 32″ @ 145L.

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2 months ago

I have never liked the wide fat board concept, but really like the idea of the hipster twin, asked Scotty if they would work ok as a narrower board and he confirmed they do. Ordered a custom 8’6” x 29” x 115L as I like a bit of length for paddle speed, I’ve had this board for 12 months now and it has exceeded all expectations by a very long way, I would recommend if you aren’t into fat boards to consider going for a custom size.

2 months ago

I think Beau liked it (lol)
2 months ago

I,m one of that heavier riders, too close to a 100kg 😉 and have the Hipster 8.3x31x123l. The hipsters are awesome. It isnt the most stable board in its size-range but you can get a lot of stability by standing/ leaning more forward, almost in frot of the handle when paddling out. On a really slow wave it doesnt pick up speed as fast as my Hypernut, but when the wave are a bit faster and the Hypernut become a handfull the Hipster is fast, nimble, turns pretty tight with a loose feel. The only thing i,m really missing on… Read more »

Troy Cleary
Troy Cleary
2 months ago

Having owned a 8’7, 9’2, 10’2 wedge, a 9’1, 9’4 9’7 placid and 8’10, 9’3 Hipster l can honestly say the Hipster twin is by far my favourite, to the point l just ordered my 3rd hipster twin as a custom 9’2 x 32. l am 6’3 tall 96kg

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