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Port Stephens SUP Challenge

The Port Stephens SUP Challenge brings together a fun weekend of SUP competition across a range of different SUP disciplines.

The Port Stephens SUP Challenge is run by the Newcastle SUP Club in NSW, Australia. Over the weekend of March 11-13, 2022, the event attracted SUP competitors from around Australia to battle it out in the following divisions;
– Open SUP Shortboard (Men & Women)
– Open SUP Longboard (Men & Women)
– O/40 SUP Shortboard (Men & Women)
– O/50 SUP Shortboard(Men & Women)
– O/40 SUP Longboard(Men & Women)
– O/50 SUP Longboard (Men & Women)
– O/60 SUP Longboard Men
– O/70 SUP Mens

SUP Surf Foil Open

– Technical (Men & Women)
– Distance 3km & 9km (Men & Women)

Terrene Black was a standout performer, winning the Open Women Surf & Technical races. Dylan Henry held out to win Open 10ft longboard SUP division plus the 3km distance race, whilst Johnny Hagan won the Technical Race for Open Men. Angela Jackson won the Distance 9km race for the women, as did Ty Judson for the Open Men division.

See more results and photos.

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