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2022 Head to Head tests coming to SUPboarder PRO

In 2022 we have 6 exciting head to head tests lined up for our SUPboarder PRO subscribers to benefit from. Read below to learn what products we are putting up head to head as well as learning more about SUPboarder PRO and the testing.

What are SUPboarder Head to Head Tests?

SUPboarder Pro gives you access to our ‘Head to Head Product Tests’, so you can hear our thoughts on how similar products from different brands really compare. Just like our SUPboarder reviews these SUPboarder PRO tests give you expert, honest information, including plenty of water time, from paddlers of all abilities.

From day one at SUPboarder we’ve been totally honest with our thoughts and the information we share. We have never been influenced by brands. Our readers know this and the brands respect this too. Not only do we highlight what’s great about products but we also highlight what could be improved, which helps brands to make their own products even better next year. So a win win for everyone! Most importantly you get the very best, and 100% truthful information you’re after from SUPboarder and SUPboarder PRO.

So what’s the difference between a review and a test?

Our SUPboarder video reviews give you a deep understanding of a product, by highlighting its design features, construction, on water performance, pros and cons and whether it does what the brand says it does.  All this helps YOU decide if it’s the right product for you. Individual products are not compared against similar products from other brands. These review slots are reserved and paid for by brands.

Our tests compare products from different brands in the same category ‘head to head’ against each other, helping you understand how they are different and supporting you decide which product, from which brand is right for YOU.  Individual products are discussed in less detail than a review. These tests are 100% subscriber funded by SUPboarder PRO subscriptions.

What do we test and how do we decide?

Each year we select head to head test categories based on requests from our SUPboarder PRO community and all the feedback we get from the thousands of comments, emails and “Ask the Experts” questions received. We invite all relevant brands to our tests, regardless of their previous involvement with SUPboarder.

Whats being tested in 2022?

Full Test Specs:

Paddles – Race / Touring full carbon paddles – 515-550cm2

iSIP Surf – 5″ tick or less, less than 10′ long, no wider than 32″

Composite Wide Body Surf – Approx. 32″ wide – 135 -145 litres

Composite Longboard Surf – Approx. 10′ x 30′ , 130-145 litres

iSUP Race – 14′ x 27(+/-1″)

iSUP Fast Cruiser / Improver All Rounds – min. 11′ x 31/32″

Why should I pay for a test?

We love what we do at SUPboarder but just like you we can’t afford to work and not get paid!

As well as lots of planning, on/off water time, and many hours of video production, testing also involves getting hold of lots of kit! By SUPboarder PRO funding our tests it allows us to get our hands on all the kit we want to test regardless of whether the brand is supporting us with advertising/reviews or not.  All brands are invited. It’s up to them whether they decide to take part.

If it means we have to buy the kit to go in a test then we will. That’s where your SUPboarder subscription helps. We listen to you, our readers and do everything we can to bring you the information you really want.

So remember… let us know what kit you want to know more about. And check out our SUPboarder and SUPboarder PRO reviews and tests for real, honest info.

Previous Head to Head Tests - 2020 & 2021

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