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JP Australia SurfAIR 9’7″ SUPboarder Pro Test

We’ve been wanting to get out in the surf on this newer JP board, and put it into a SUPboarder Pro video for some time now. Over the last few years we’ve reviewed many surfing iSUPs and seen them improve since 2017. So we were intrigued to see how the same JP Australia SurfAIR shape […]

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Michael Wood
Michael Wood (@grundig)
26 days ago

Thanks for a great, fully comprehensive review of this board. You covered everything I needed to hear after going out and buying it a few months ago. I know I made the right decision. I can’t find the result of the deflection test though? Like you 15psi seems too low for a board of this quality, so I’ve been using it at 17psi. However, I now feel confident to take it up to 20psi. I also think JP Australia could have included better fins, at least removable side fins. I’ve been unable to source a spare/replaceable centre fin from within… Read more »

Olivier Decroly
Olivier Decroly (@ollysup73)
22 days ago

Hi Reuben. Great great video ! The starboard would probably better fit my weight of 95 kg. I am looking for an Inflatable surf sup to take in a plane, for the more powerful and steeper waves of southern Europe (I used to take my 8’ hard hypernut in the past) Side fins definitely, any idea on how the JP or Starboard would behave in these types of waves ? Thanks Olivier

micheljansens (@micheljansens)
19 days ago

Hi Reuben, I feel that the analysis you made for the Gong is not completely accurate: the Gong “Longbard” you looked at actually does have release rails at the back. Gong iSUP range is really not easy to grasp because they have a such a large range with for each model different sizes. You should maybe have a look at the Couine Marie ShortSUP, they come in 7’5, 8’5, 9’5 and 10’5, have a tri fin setup (one US Box and 2 FCS II ), release rail and all… It looked interesting and there was a sale of their last… Read more »

Last edited 19 days ago by micheljansens
micheljansens (@micheljansens)
19 days ago

By the way, I really like this approach of comparing the board with all others and the technical details to look at.
Thanks a lot

Brian Rasmussen
Brian Rasmussen (@bryder)
18 days ago

Great review Reuben. Yes a head tot head iSUP surf video will be highly appriciated… :o)

micheljansens (@micheljansens)
1 day ago

Hi I had the chance to try a JP surfair in the (small) surf. The board feels reactive and turns easily, the rocker is quite good indeed. It is not as stable as the measurements would make you think: its 9’7 x 32″ felt less stable than a 9′ x 31″ I use. I think mainly because of the narrow tail. The shape really matters for stability. The bag is a bit of a shame for me: it is a little small and partly composed of a mesh on the side. Enough to take it to the beach, but to… Read more »

JohnnyChaos (@johnnychaos)
1 day ago

Good review Reuben.
As a heavier rider I was comfy on the 8.5 Loco Aztec Air. PVC Rail and FCS fins.. pretty flat rocker though.
My bro has the old 8ft Itiwit. At 100kg I can barely even kneel up on it! but he does ok. ha.
But at the moment I’ve got rid of any iSUP surf sups. They feel far too corky for me, I guess that’s just practice, but will stick to hard boards in the waves.
Would be interesting to see some more isup surf comparisons though.

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