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Feedback on iSUP brands in 2021 / From you and us!

Here at SUPboarder we receive so much feedback about all things SUP. In this video we talk iSUPs, and from our feedback aswell as yours, give you an overview of how iSUP brands have been over the last year. Everything from customer service, to warranties and board quality levels.

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Helen Pullen
Helen Pullen
2 years ago

This was very helpful. I currently have a bluefin cruise 10’8 and have been very happy with it. But I now want to buy a faster touring board. I’m 60ish kg and I mainly paddle on flat water, rivers and canals with the odd portage around locks! I’m happy to pay the higher price point. I’m struggling to decide which board to buy but I do like Starboard. What can you suggest?
Keep up the great work!

Helen Pullen
Helen Pullen
2 years ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Thanks Rueben, that’s really helpful and reducing the width is definitely something I’d consider doing. The starboard seems to be the best fit for me 🙂

Firdaus Sani
Firdaus Sani
2 years ago

Always love your content. Started with watching all supboarder youtube videos to subscribing. I’m fairly new to Paddle boarding, roughly a year or so. And coming from a country where Isup are selling at a high price point, itiwit always my go to board. Started with a china budget board and it serve me well since it is built with two layer but can’t find a narrower touring board. The new 14′ itiwit touring board looks sort of good, can’t find it in decathlon store at where i am though. But i thought i would want to purchase one. I… Read more »

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