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Improving Your Balance On & Off The Water / SUPboarder How To

In this How To video, we show you the best techniques and ways to improve your overall balance on a SUP. There's something to learn for everybody in this video as you can practice certain things on land that will help translate better balance on the water.

If you have come from a board sports background into the world of SUP, then you may have found the transition with balance quite easy. For some us, we may have struggled, or are still struggling with needing better balance. Don’t fear, there are quite a few ways that will help you become a better paddler with more balance.

For technique off the water, try yoga, skateboarding, roller skating, slackline, one wheel, core exercises and by using balance boards. This will help to to engage your core, improve your balance and help when you next get on the water.

For improving balance on the water, check out our SUPboarder Challenges which are all about improving your confidence and balance when paddling. You can always try a friends smaller board too to get a different feeling of balance. Or paddle into some choppy waters if you’re still in the calm flat water to test your ability.

There are so many ways that will improve your balance and some will work better for others. We hope you are able to improve your balance with these tips.

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