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Why do SUPs vary in price so much? / SUPboarder video

£150 - $1300... Stand up paddleboards can vary so much in price. In this video we look into why this is and hopefully help you decide which price point SUP is right for you, so you can spend your money wisely and get on the right board.

It’s fair to say that with SUPs, ‘you get what you pay for’! Of course there are some exceptions to this, and certain brands/boards can be seen as good or better value than others. But generally when you pay more, you get more! There are so many things that go into and onto a SUP. The materials used and manufacturing process, direct sale or from a shop, board shape & design, board stiffness & pressure, accessories and the lifespan and warranty of the board. All these vary from brand to brand, and are generally reflected in the price. Many well established brands that many of you would say are at the top end ‘expensive’ side of the market, have been working within SUP for years. From our experience these more top end brands will give you a better SUP, from factory floor to you using it on the water and for many years after. But if you are just getting into SUP there are many good brands out there at the low to medium price point that will still give you a good board for the money and very much get you into this fab sport.

The hard bit is knowing which one is best for you. We hope this video helps guide you in what to look for. But if you need more information and advice you can always ask our SUPboarder team using the SUPboarder Pro ‘Ask the Expert’ box when you are signed into Pro, for unlimited questions about anything to do with SUP. We have used and seen hundreds of boards and are always there to share our honest feedback with you, to help get you on the best kit, that’s right for you.

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