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An informative look at the bigger 2021 STX iSUP range

The new 2021 STX iSUP range has more than doubled in size since last year when we looked at it.

STX boards are still made using their FXL construction, which makes them a great overall weight and as stiff as boards more than twice the price. And this new range really offers more choices to more riders. The 2021 iSUP range offers a bigger choice of board lengths, widths, shapes as well as board thicknesses. 4″ in the smaller board, and 5″ & 6″ offered in most of the other boards, allows paddlers 75kg and under a good choice of 5″ thick boards, and paddlers 75kg and over a good choice of 6″ thick boards. The extensive STX board range ensures all paddlers can find the ideal board for their weight.


Visit the STX website for more information

Check out our top board below

4" thick boards for paddlers 30 - 70kg

5" thick boards for paddlers 50 - 75kg

6" thick boards for paddlers 75 - 120kg

The most stable & stiff boards for paddlers 75 - 130kg

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QR: An informative look at the bigger 2021 STX iSUP range

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