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SUP Repair Vlog / How To Fix A Trashed Board

Will walks us through his first major ding repair on a SUP and highlights the steps involved if you are thinking of tackling a repair.

Will has some knowledge behind composite repairs, but this was his first real crack at repairing an epoxy SUP. It’s the worst feeling knowing you have a ding in your board, so learning about the process can make repairing a board a little less scary. Of course, you may have some expert knowledge in repairs, so we would love to hear your thoughts on the process.

Will has a background in building boats as well as studying composite materials so this video is full of tips and hints – even if you don’t have any dings to fix, it’s super insightful!

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Dave B
Dave B
2 years ago

I’m no expert either, a few tips I use, that have given hardly noticeable repairs are: A mouse sander is very useful and inexpensive for sanding, especially with a narrow extension tip, for getting into tight spots. Extruded polystyrene foam, used in insulation is good for filling large voids, cut, shaped and glued into position. It is easier to sand vs. Expanded polystyrene. After gluing into position there should only be small gaps to fill. To keep the rail shape, use thick plastic film, I use a cut up polypocket file holder and duck tape, to wrap around the rail… Read more »

Will Rogers
2 years ago
Reply to  Dave B

Hey Dave, some great tips in there thanks so much! The fin boxe damage on this board technically wrote the board off – the repair was going to be super expensive, so it made this one a good candidate for me to try – its not perfect but I learnt a lot and it still surfs ok 🙂 Keep the tips coming, thanks again, Will

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