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Aztron Nova range overview 2021 / small foldable iSUP review

After reviewing the Aztron 10' Nova last year we were keen to see the new additions to the Aztron small foldable compact iSUP range.

The Aztron Nova attracted a lot of interest from paddlers all around the world last year. As well as its good price point, it was a board that ticked the small and easy to transport box for many paddlers too. This year Aztron have added 2 more boards to the Nova range – the smaller 9′ Neo Nova that will be great for lighter paddlers and kids, and the 11′ Super Nova that will get mid weight paddlers wanting to paddle that little bit further.

The Aztron Nova 10′ we reviewed weighed 9kg / 19.84lb and had a deflection test of 19mm at 15 psi.


Visit the Aztron website for more information

Check out the boards below - for more information on rider weights and prices

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2 months ago

Did you as an adult try paddleing the kids board? I’m 6ft, but only 65kgs. I’m getting fed up fighting for parking near the water so looking for something lightweight to lug a distance and not worry about parking so much, maybe even hike up river and float back.

I use a 12’6 X 30″ X 6″ and my starboard airline 14′ X 26″ X 6″ already so expect this to me just used to mess about.

2 months ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

Thanks Ruben, I’ve ordered one, they seem to be £325 currently (rather than £299). I’ll let you know how I get on when it arrives. Looking forward to it!

2 months ago
Reply to  Reuben Ellis

It’s arrived and is really great fun. Takes more effort compared to my longer boards and twitchy as well, but adds to the fun. Less glide and more steering corrections Few deep crease marks on the fold line but hopefully won’t deteriorate further. Paddle as expected is too small, I’m 6ft. It’s probably fine for someone under 5ft 6. Pumps up very easily given the small volume and given the reduced length compared to my usual 14ft board it feels rather rigid. Great fun to turn, who needs a step back turn (especially on a smelly canal…) When it already… Read more »

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