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APP World Tour – Your Chance To Win!

The APP World Tour have released a new ‘virtual’ global SUP competition format for racing and surfing. The Instagram based competition allows anyone to enter to win a trip of a lifetime to a soon-to-be-revealed location. That’s right, two divisions for Pro’s and Amateurs and Men & Women. Think you have what it takes? Read below.

#APPFastTrack – Racing Format
The APP has created a virtual leaderboard where you will be competing for the SUP Racing World Title in speed. This is your opportunity to see how fast you can really go and how you stack up against the rest of the world. Entry rules;
1. Entry opens 1st July and closes 31st August, 2020.
2. Entrants must paddle 50 metres, aiming for the fastest possible top speed.
(Find the flattest possible water – no downwind, running rivers, no foils and you must start sitting down).
3. Have someone film your 50m sprint and track your speed with a GPS watch, phone app or similar.
4. Upload your video and a screen shot of your top speed to your Instagram account and #APPFastTrack alongside #Unsponsored if you’re not seeded on the APP World Tour.

#APPRideoftheSeason – SUP Surfing Format
Whether you’re a pro athlete or a weekend warrior, the APP are calling for all SUP surfers to enter their best wave in this Instagram competition. The APP’s head judge will score the top rides, however you may need some likes on your Instagram post to qualify into the next round. The entry details are as follows;
1. Entry opens 1st July and closes 31st August, 2020.
2. Upload a clip of you SUP surfing – it could be a barrel, a series of manoeuvres, one turn, whatever! You will be judged on your approach, commitment and style, regardless of the conditions.
3. Make sure to #APPRideoftheSeason and #Unsponsored in the post if you’re not an APP athlete. This will enter you in the amateur division.
4. The initial shortlist of qualifiers will be based on the number of Instagram likes on your post. So get your family and friends liking!
5. Once the shortlist is selected, entrants will be judged by the APP World Tour’s head judge.
6. Winners will be announced with the Top 3 Pro’s and 1 single amateur winning the trip of a lifetime.

Find out more information and all of the entry rules by watching the video or clicking the link:

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