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A tiny bump is all you need for foil perfection

There are a number of things we like about this video from the ONE SUP crew in Australia.

First off, how beautiful is the colour of that water?!… just amazing. And for all us lot still dealing with winter in Europe it looks like heaven for SUP foiling.
And secondly, it really shows you how small of a bump you can get up on the foil and get riding. A knee high wave that is not even going to break is easily big enough to pump a foil up and get flying.

There must be so many spots around the world that would be perfect for catching tiny bumps on a foil. We just have to get out there and find them!

Words below : ONE SUP

“This video is about Paul Jackson and Ben Tardrew just showing how good Tweed Heads can be. Just over the QLD boarder lies an amazing small wave that is the perfect foil location.”

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Carson King
Carson King
2 years ago

Holy smokes that is amazing.
Are they really riding a bump from a waverunner?
What size wing is needed for that?

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QR: A tiny bump is all you need for foil perfection

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