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Yster To Release New Performance Touring Hard SUP

The new Basalty SUP series from Yster is a performance touring, long distance and adventure SUP for paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long distances and will be available in October/ November 2023.


The Basalty series is a high-performance all-water sup board engineered for performance touring, long-distance and adventure sup paddling. In designing this board, we have taken Yster’s original trademark features – Speed, Stability, and Directional Stability – and optimized them for paddlers who want to go fast and straight over long periods of time, often in all water conditions, on a board that provides the stability to keep them going. Basalty is the outcome of our efforts – in essence, the ideal companion for those adventurous paddlers who want to go farther.

We understand that comfort features are also essential when touring or going on adventure sup trips. That is why the board comes with a Venturi-optimized drainage system that helps keep the cockpit dry and useful storage solutions that offer both ease of access and a waterproof option for your most valuable items. Paddlers who wish to bring personal belongings, such as clothes, food, cameras, and more, during their aquatic adventures, easily hook Yster SUP Cockpit Dry Bag 16 or Yster SUP Dry Backpack 35 onto the straps in the cockpit which ensures a secure and stable fit, preventing the bag from shifting or getting in the way of the paddling strokes.

The Basalty series is constructed using a composite of carbon fiber and basalt. Basalt is an eco-friendly option to traditional fiberglass, as it is a naturally occurring volcanic rock that is abundant in the earth’s crust. It is known for its durability, strength, and resistance to moisture and UV rays. The combination of carbon fiber and basalt creates a strong yet lightweight board for optimal performance.

The standing area and rails are high-stress areas. That is why we have reinforced them with 12k biax carbon fiber, providing extra strength and durability to the board. Additionally, we have chosen a hydrophobic core that repels water, meaning it does not absorb water like traditional core materials or hollow boards. This is essential for long-distance trips, as it ensures the board does not get waterlogged in case of a ding or damage.

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Tommy Vejen Pedersen
Tommy Vejen Pedersen
12 days ago

Please do a test and video on this beautyful touring board.

Reuben Ellis
9 days ago

Thanks for the board request.

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