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7 Nights, 8 Days At Sea – Brendon Prince Completes Challenge

Brendon Prince has completed his incredible 7 nights and 8 days living on a stand up paddle board off the coast of the UK, spending exactly 8 days and 4 minutes on a SUP. Read on for more information.

Brendon took off from Torquay Harbour at noon on 25th July 2023. With no support and no supply drops, Brendon had to ‘LIVE’ on the board with everything he needs for this demonstration of paddling and survival whilst using the conditions to stay safe. Not allowed to land, Brendon had to paddle, eat, sleep, repeat on the board for 7 NIGHTS /8 DAYS. The challenge promoted awareness for water safety and Brendon will be raising money for the water safety in education charity- Above Water.

He finished on the 1st August at 4 minutes past noon. Huge congrats to Brendon for completing this challenge. He provided daily updates on the board which you can watch on his Facebook profile.

The challenge is raising money through JUSTGIVING for the water safety charity ABOVE WATER.


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