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BR1 Boards – 2023 New Race SUP

Bruno Hasulyo, world champion SUP racer, has designed a line of premium competition race boards and is offering a deal for the first 100 boards sold as part of the launch.

You might remember that Bruno came out with the partnership between BR1 and X-Bionic a couple of years ago. Well now Bruno has developed his new line of race boards under his own brand and is leading the way in premium constructions and designs. Let’s read the press release from BR1 Boards.

**Press Release

We are thrilled to introduce you to BR1 BOARDs, a new generation SUP company that is dedicated to providing the best possible Stand Up Paddleboarding experience. Our founder Bruno Hasulyo, is a professional athlete who has devoted his life to the sport and has designed a line of premium competition boards that are unmatched in quality and performance.

At BR1 BOARD, we believe in using FUTUREPROOF ideas and techniques to build our boards, ensuring they are built to last and bring joy year after year. Our commitment to excellence can be seen in the quality of our materials, the precision of our craftsmanship, and the innovative designs of our boards. We are dedicated to growing the sport of stand up paddleboarding and making it accessible to as many people as possible. By supporting us, you’re also supporting the growth of the sport.

As part of our launch campaign, we are offering a special deal for the first 100 pairs of boards sold. With the purchase of this product, you will receive 2 Structural Hollow Carbon SUP race boards for only 3700,-€ plus tax and shipping. You can choose any size within the promotion, and the two planks can be the same size or different sizes to be ready for any conditions.

These boards are perfect for clubs looking to invest in premium competition boards that are durable and provide an exceptional experience for their members. Act fast to take advantage of this special offer and become a proud owner of a BR1 BOARD.

If you buy more than two boards, we can send you a fully personalized (for clubs) quote.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to working with you and seeing you on the water!

BR1 Boards come in a range of sizes, please check the website for further details.

Visit BR1 Website

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