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Electric SUPs / Should you Love or Hate an e-SUP?

The electric SUP or 'e-SUP' divides opinion in the same way that e-bikes did when they first were introduced. Will uses two models of e-SUP, shares their features and performance and gives you the arguments why you should LOVE or HATE them.

The two different types of eSUP Will has been using are the SIPA Drive and the ePropulsion Vaquita.  The SIPA is a centrally mounted jet drive and the Vaquitta  is a fin box mounted propellor drive.  Over the past few months Will has been using these boards, understanding their performance and reflecting on if there is a place for them in the market.  Check out his video and decide for yourself!

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jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
1 year ago

just an idea, but for a more assistance feel , like peddle assist, maybe someone could fit a little motor in the paddle, using those polo type of paddles, batteries in the shaft?
If you went that way then it really would be more of an assist on any board that would still paddle as normal, plus you can still carry a normal paddle if you wanted 🙂

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