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Winter Paddling Tips with Marybeth, Paddle Adventurer

Marybeth, a paddle adventurer shows us a snapshot of what to expect when winter paddling, the biggest obstacles, and why she loves winter paddling.

There are quite a few great tips in this video and we hope that it inspires you to get out there on the water in winter. Far too often we can become lazy or demotivated because of the weather, but Marybeth shows that with the right planning, gear and attitude, you can safely paddle through all seasons.

About Marybeth

I am lucky enough to be close to three of the five Great Lakes, along with lots of inland lakes and rivers. My bachelor’s degree is in Outdoor Recreation and I have been paddling for years but 2020 was the first year I bought my own board and changed my life! I’m here to take you on adventures, motivate you and provide you with helpful tips and information for your next outdoor adventure!

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