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2022 Namur SUP Race – Euro Tour SUP

The Namur SUP Race took place over the previous weekend in Belgium and it saw the most numbers of competitors to date for this year's Season. See the results below.

*Press Release: EuroTour SUP

What a wild ride of amazing performances today in Santa Pola, Spain. The most competitive race of the summer was hard fought as expected.

On the women side, Esperanza Barreras put her foot down on the with a third consecutive win and a dominant performance from start to finish. The battle for 2nd was fierce between Petronella Van Malsen and Susanne Lier in 3rd that kept together until the last stretch.

The men side had a clear favourite Ty Judson that after some very strong performances, finally got his win with a flawless race. Almost in a copycat race from Euro Tour 2021, team mates Daniel Hasulyo in 2nd & Leonard Nika in 3rd spent most of the race together, with Leo making a clear push on the last stretch that made the difference.

Mens Results -

Top 10 Men:

  1. Bruno Hasulyo
  2. Donato Freens
  3. Fernando Perez
  4. Liran Machlev
  5. Antonio Morillo
  6. Kjell De Bruyn
  7. Tasos Tsouris
  8. Ricardo Haverschmith
  9. Bastian Grimm
  10. Kaelan Lockhart

Womens Results -

Top 10 Women:

  1. Cecilia Pampinella
  2. Petronella Van Malsen
  3. Anna Tschirky
  4. Frouke Wichgers
  5. Michala Hendrichova
  6. Nathalie Van Olmen
  7. Myrte Derks
  8. Deborah Wouters
  9. Martine Lambrechts
  10. Rhune Spincemaille

We really want to thank Bertrand and the whole team at @the_flow_namur for the excellent welcome and successfully completing the longest running event on #eurotour2022

Get ready for event #7 of Euro Tour 2022 next weekend on July 2nd: Berlin SUP Race.

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