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Join The 24-Hour Viking SUP Fairytale Where Le Mans Meets SUP

For the third year running, the six-time SUP World Champion Casper Steinfath invites paddlers of all levels to Copenhagen June 18-19, 2022 to celebrate the Nordic Midsummer and team spirit.

Ever experienced a Nordic Fairytale or tried paddling at night? Regardless of your experience, the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings welcome you with open arms.

Like in the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen, it all started ‘once upon a time’ with a crazy idea and 150 paddlers in 2019. This year, Casper hopes for 500 paddlers of all levels on the starting line on Saturday, June 18th 2022 when the third edition of the only 24-hour SUP relay race in the World starts.

When I paddled across the Skagerrak Ocean in 2018, I felt the power of being on a team. I was the only one paddling, but the crew around me gave me a taste of that special ‘team spirit feeling’ and made me believe we all can take on great challenges when we have a strong team behind us. I want to bring that to the world of SUP, Casper Steinfath says.

More than just a race

At Red Bull Midsummer Vikings, the participants will experience how it feels to push themselves to the limit as the teams must paddle for 24 hours in a row around the 5km circular course – both in daylight and in darkness. Each team consists of three to five paddlers, and it is up to each team to decide how often their paddlers will take turns during the 24-hours challenge. But the event is about much more than just another race.

– Our goal is to create a World Class and fun event not just on the water: When you set foot onto the event site you will be stepping into another world. With delicious food, live music, and the atmosphere of a vibrant festival we aim to make our participants forget about the outside world and be totally immersed in this colorful 24-hour adventure, Casper Steinfath says.

The social part of Red Bull Midsummer Vikings makes the event special and unique in the World. The participants have a lot of time left at the venue to be together with friends and family.

Social and for all levels

– Midsummer Vikings is very enriching. You meet many people from other clubs and countries, and you have the time to talk to them. It’s fun and intense, Karen Ranlov from Copenhagen-based club, Bellevue SUP, says.

Bellevue SUP is one of the largest SUP clubs in Denmark, with many kids and youngsters having fun on the water. They have been part of the event since the first edition three years ago. This year, they have already signed four teams up.

The good thing is that the course is short and relatively easy. Anybody at any level can join, she adds.

Flat and slightly choppy water

The course consists of a five-kilometer-long lap around the artificial ‘Amager Strandpark’ in the heart of Copenhagen. There is nice flat water on the inside stretch and the slightly choppy waters of Øresund on the outside. Even though Oresund can be choppy, the course is not difficult or dangerous. And don’t worry – the professional water safety team will take good care of you around the clock.

I’ll never forget the feeling

It barely gets dark at night in mid-June in Denmark. The sun barely dips under the horizon, and it’s only twilight darkness for a few hours. This is part of what makes the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings so unique, says Paddy Boyum who joined the event with his Swedish team last year:

I’ll never forget when I came to the finish line after a great evening lap. The sky was colored red by the sunset. The band was playing, and all paddlers and spectators were finally together again. It’s hard to repeat, but I’ll never forget the feeling, the Swede says.

Paddling for a good cause

Last year one team in particular proved the event was for all levels. ‘Surfgaarden’ (The Surf farm) is a rehabilitation center for veterans with PTSD. They joined the race because they were the recipients of the charity project in 2021. At Red Bull Midsummer Vikings, each team is obliged to donate an amount of their own choice to a charity project picked by the organizers. In 2021 the teams together donated more than 16,000 euros to Surfgaarden.

It meant a million for us to join the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings. One thing is that we received a fantastic donation for equipment. It was even more incredible to see our veterans safe with all these great people, Peter Emil Højlund from Surfgaarden says.

— — — — — — —

There are still spots left for the Red Bull Midsummer Vikings 2022. You can read all about the event and sign up here:

3.000 DKK per team for up to five paddlers including food, team tent site, GPS tracking and much more.

It is possible to stay in a tent, caravan or auto camper in the athletes’ areas from Saturday to Sunday. If you arrive Friday or earlier, please find other places to stay until Saturday morning. However, it is possible to set up your tent or camper Friday and stay elsewhere until Saturday morning. The reason for this is that camping in public areas in Copenhagen, in general, is prohibited.

Only 14 ft boards and under are allowed during the event. However, Mega SUP’s, tandem SUP’s or other boards can be used during first and final lap. Each team must bring at least one board, but since we paddle the first and final lap as one big group with all the paddlers on the water, we recommend that you bring additional boards. Leash is mandatory. Lifevest or PFD’s are strongly recommended. Flashing red light on your back body is mandatory between 21:00 and 05:00. Each team can share flashing light.

Event manager Ole Wejse Svarrer at

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Carl Bickerstaff
Carl Bickerstaff
2 years ago

Genuinely can’t wait for this!

Reuben Ellis
2 years ago

Its going to be epic!

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