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SipaBoards Electric SUPs

New generation of SipaBoards electric SUPs significantly increases safety of paddlers and enhances your experience both on and off the water.

SipaBoards is launching its second generation of self-inflatable electric standup paddleboards, making paddleboarding safer and available to everyone. The new generation of Red Dot design awarded boards boasts 40% less weight than the first generation, a battery that lasts up to 6 hours and a powerful motor that is fully integrated into the board’s center, creating zero drag when turned off. Similar to e-bikes, SipaBoards’ latest products are bringing all the benefits of e-mobility to the sea, in order to make paddleboarding safer and more available to a wider audience.

When tired, too far from the shore or fighting strong winds and currents, the paddler can simply turn on the SipaDrive® and add up to 4 knots to their own paddling power. This way they can safely return back to the shore.

Sebastjan Sitar, the CEO and founder of Sipaboards says: “When we founded SipaBoards six years ago, the idea of having a paddle-assist system was futuristic and maybe even odd to some paddlers. But now, with inflatable SUPs representing over 90% of the SUP industry, the sport has become so widespread that the safety aspect is finally coming to the forefront. SipaDrive® works as the perfect safety buffer, giving confidence and power to the rising numbers of paddlers, who get caught up into changing weather conditions.”

What makes SipaBoards so special?
● They’re self-inflatable. The motor connects to the air valve and inflates the boards to optimal pressures (up to 15 PSI) in less than 8 minutes.
●  The boards come with an integrated electric jet motor, the SipaDrive®. It adds up to 4 knots to the paddlers’ own power, but does not affect the paddling experience when it’s turned off, as it creates zero drag.
●  The SipaDrive® is controlled with a Bluetooth remote that is nested on top of the paddle.
●  The new system is even quieter and more efficient than the first generation, and it propels the board up to 15% faster.
●  Their modular and upgradable Dual+ Battery System offers up to 6 hours of paddle assistance. The users will be able to choose between three different power-packs and tailor their motor to their needs.
●  The batteries can be carried on-board in air-travel.
●  The motor has a built-in LED lights system with an output of 15.000 lumen, which allows paddlers to go on a night-time adventure, exploring the coastline like never before.
●  All SipaBoard products, both inflatables and electronics are made from the best materials available. With ultra light MSL bodies and high grade composite fully waterproof casings, SipaBoards are built to last.
●  The boards are made using the latest heat-bonding fusion technology, cutting down on glues and making the boards both lighter and more durable. The new technology allowed the brand to extend the boards’ warranty to 3 years.
●  They come with a mobile app. The app allows users to monitor the battery and the motor, control the speed, the lights and the pumping process, track their rides, as well as update the SipaDrive with the latest software version.
●  SipaBoards technology is CE standardised and patented both in the EU and the US.
●  The first generation was awarded the Red Dot Best of the Best and ISPO Gold, was later also featured on the Red Dot Panel listing, placing their innovation alongside Google, Michelin, Daimler and Vibram.


SipaBoards CEO and founder Sebastjan Sitar started developing electric SUPs after his wife and daughter nearly got carried away by strong currents while paddling. Six years later and with over 2000 paddleboards sold, the company is presenting its new generation of self-inflatable electric paddleboards and pursuing their mission of making standup paddleboarding a safer and more wholesome experience for everyone.

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