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Monthly Round-up of SUP / September 2021

Welcome to our collection of the biggest news and stories that have taken place in the SUP world from the previous month. Let's recap what happened in September.

720km Tandem SUP Expedition - Kev Brady & Ylva Linn Hatlebrekke Paddle Scandinavia's Longest River System

Kev Brady and Ylva Linn are currently tandem paddling source to sea along SUP Scandinavia’s longest river, The Klarälven, a 720km journey. The river’s source is at Lake Rogen in Sweden, flowing west and southwards through Norway and back into Sweden where they’ll have to paddle through Europe’s biggest lake, The Vänern, before reaching the Baltic Sea. Kev and Ylva are currently sitting on the Vänern so they well and truly on their way to completing the epic SUP journey.

Make sure to check out their instagram channels for daily updates as they traverse the final waterways to quite possibly take the title of longest tandem SUP expedition: @kevbrady8 & @ylva.travelyogi. And track them live here:

They are raising funds for SeaSisters who are showing new possibilities for local girls and women in Sri Lanka through the ocean, where women are hardly seen. SeaSisters share the same beliefs that women deserve the same opportunities as men and also believe that swimming and surfing can serve as powerful tools of social change. Check out the GoFundMe page to donate to this incredible cause.

Make sure to keep tuning into SUPboarder to learn more about their adventure in the coming weeks.

As a SUP Yoga instructor I thought I was ready for this… turns out I’m not! The longest distance I’ve ever covered on a SUP is 10km in good conditions, this trip is 731km in all kinds of conditions (including portaging a giant tandem board and heavy bags – most days on slippy rocks). My body hurts everywhere possible and it’s getting colder everyday.

I’ve realized that this trip is gonna take a little bit longer than I thought. Besides having a proper adventure and gaining a great experience from this, I would love to give this journey a deeper meaning.
– Ylva

The Long Paddle Is Complete - Brendon Prince Circumnavigates Mainland Britain

Brendon Prince has circumnavigated mainland Britain in 141 days. He has broken records, paddled over 4000km, welcomed support from around the country and more importantly is a step closer to realising his dream creating a water safety based app.

Brendon showed us that determination, a well planned route with backup options and a positive attitude can get through anything. We’re all very impressed and proud of Brendon completing this mammoth journey, one that has broken long distance paddling records, circumnavigation records and many more.

By attempting this massive endurance record, The Long Paddle inspires the people of this island nation and beyond. The Long Paddle legacy is to create the worlds first gamified, interactive water safety app.  The app will have specific locations so you can play the app on the way to the beach!  It will also have all the essential water safety and drowning prevention information to stay safe at the coast or inland waterway.

Well done Brendon!

ICF SUP World Championships - World SUP Champs Decided in Hungary

Fiona Wylde and Noic Garioud both picked up their second gold medals for the weekend as the ICF Stand Up Paddling world championships came to close last weekend in Hungry, making them multiple World Champions.

Congratulations to all the paddlers and we can’t wait to see the world open up so paddlers from everywhere can compete in this historic event.

SUPboarder Challenges - Are You Getting Involved?

In a new way to improve your technique, we have embarked on bringing you SUP challenges so you can have fun on the water and also step outside of your comfort zone a little bit.

There are three challenges currently running for you to try; Cross Stepping, One Foot & Step Back Turn. How many have you done and have you found them easy? Remember to share your attempts on our social media channels Facebook (SUPboarder Magazine) & Instagram (@supboardermag) using #supboarderchallenge and tag us to enter the draw for some SUPboarder goodies. We will be choosing our favourite attempts (not necessarily the best, so get creative)!

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