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Contours, A Story of First Waves – SUP River

First Waves uses standup paddleboarding (SUP), the art of filmmaking, and digital media as a catalyst to inspire conservation of local waterways and mentorship for at-risk youth. Check out their inspirational storytelling in this video.

First Waves was founded in 2014 as a collaboration of organizations seeking to reinvent education, mentorship, and watershed conservation for under-served youth.  Through the use of standup paddleboarding and river surfing, First Waves offers a unique approach that attracts, inspires and retains participants while providing a hands-on education in filmmaking, digital media, and watershed conservation.

This video shows a glimpse into what they do as an organisation and how they use SUP to teach the next generation about conservation issues and the fun of being in the water.

Learn more about First Waves here:

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