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“SUPboarder ‘Reader’s Video” / SUP Touring Adventure

One of our readers, Shane, has sent in a video of his SUP touring adventure on a river in the UK. A magical, relaxing experience that inspires all to enjoy our waterways.

Shane is an experienced touring paddler and shows us his local river in this video. Notice how Shane uses his paddles to set up camp and also how he and his paddle mate engage with nature. The birdsong and sounds of the paddle make for an unforgettable experience.

Thank you for sharing Shane and we hope this inspires you to get out there and enjoy your local river.

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HP1979Pullen (@hp1979pullen)
1 year ago

This was brilliant – I recognised the location (The Helford River).
We holiday there every year and this year I will be taking my board, with the intention of exploring the river. Thank you Shane for the video.

Finn Belton
Finn Belton
11 months ago

My first sup was at this spot and I have been back a couple of times. Can’t beat it.

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