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Common SUP misconceptions!

Common SUP misconceptions!

As with any rapidly growing and relatively new watersport, there’s a huge amount of information available. But it’s not always correct, and SUP is no different! Here are a few of the common SUP misconceptions you’ll hear about SUP…

“SUPing is hard.” 

Wrong! With the right tuition and the right kit, most people find they can get to their feet within the first 15mins. And many don’t even get wet! But obviously a bit of balance and flexibility helps to get to your feet and stay upright!

Riber Deluxe 11' / Beginner SUP

“The bigger the board the more stable it is.” 

Not necessarily! When it comes to board stability it’s more about board width, not length. Generally, the wider the board the more stable it will be. So a longer, narrower board will most likely not be as stable as a shorter wider board. But that being said board and rail shape, as well as fin set up will also have an impact on a boards stability. So don’t just look at the boards length when considering stability. The best way to find out how stable a board really is, is to try it on the water!


“You need to be able to surf to SUP surf.” 

Wrong. Surfing on a SUP is the ideal way to get into the surf, and experience riding a wave for the first time. Being on a bigger board allows you to catch the smallest waves, which are ideal for learning on. And because you are already standing up you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to jump to your feet. Many people find they catch longer rides on their first SUP surfing session than they ever have on a surf board. Just find some nice empty waves  to learn on.

“SUP is an old mans watersport.” 

Wrong. SUP can be great fun for all ages, and as extreme or sedate as you want it to be. Whether you want to have a leisurely cruise down the river, have fun with the whole family, have a good work out, or surf some of the biggest and best waves of your life, you can do it all with a SUP. You decide where and how far you take SUP. Don’t diss it before you’ve tried it.

“iSUPs aren’t as good as hard SUPs.” 

Not true. iSUPs are just different than hard boards, and each have their pros and cons. So consider what you want to use your board for, how you’re going to transport it, where you’re going to store it and how much you want to spend before making the decision. What’s right for one person is not necessarily right for another.

“A fin is just a fin.” 

Wrong. Fins can vary massively… in shape, size, construction, quality and performance. So it’s well worth looking at the fin when not only buying a board but also also when thinking about how you want your board to perform. Do you want your board to go in a straight line easily? Turn sharply on a wave? Be robust and withstand knocks on the rocks? Be quick and easy to take in and out? It’s important to not only think about the type of fin you use but also it’s position on your board.

“You can’t surf big waves on a SUP.” 

Wrong. You can SUP surf in all size waves, just like you can on a surfboard. But only paddle out into waves you feel confident surfing. Some of the world’s best surfers choose to SUP surf big waves around the world… and it’s pretty impressive to watch!

“Any paddle will do.” 

Uhmm… yes to get you on the water for a quick 5 min go. But paddles come in all different heights, shapes, weights and constructions. And it’s important you paddle with the correct height paddle and blade size to not only achieve the most efficient paddling but also to ensure you don’t overload your joints, which may cause injury.

Using the right equipment really does make a difference.

So, remember if you’re new to SUP or thinking about giving it a go for the first time, don’t believe everything you hear! Contact your local SUP school, learn the basics and find out the correct info from those in the know! 

If there’s a topic you’d like to know more about, and we haven’t yet covered it on SUPboarder contact us.


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