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Top Ten tips – SUP with a GoPro

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8 years ago

Good advice, but a couple of things I do with my GoPro wind up with pretty good results: 1. Use rainex on the lens. This can be purchased at an auto shop and is great for shedding water droplets. I apply it before each use. It does a better job than licking and you look less weird. 2. Put silicone grease on all o rings. Small droplets can seep in and fog the lens. Get this from a dive shop. 3. Minimise use of the buttons in the surf. Each press seams to let in just enough to fog the… Read more »

Lise Richard
8 years ago

I honestly don’t like when people have camera’s on their boards… One – legit question as I don’t know the answer – how many get knocked off and become marine pollution? Two – surfing is a spiritual connection between you and the wave. Be there, present in the moment and enjoy. Stop worrying about how you look or getting cred for your ‘sweet moves’…. I personally would like to see people enjoying the moment for the moment – not for what they can get out of it. I was in Tofino just last weekend and there was a total grom… Read more »

Alec G
8 years ago

I like to think that using my GoPro helps share the stoke. It gives me a reminder of good times past and is great for capturing friends & family as well. Mount it well, switch it on and leave it – no fiddling required. And remember that it doesn’t always having to be pointing at you, some of my best shots of friends have been from the camera pointing forwards on my board or using the chest harness. You don’t have to be an expert to film what you’re doing and sometimes capturing a record of your journey & progress… Read more »

7 years ago

Great article with lots of informative tips! Taking our Go Pro out is an awesome way to relive the adventures we take. Lately we have been using the Floating Tripod to get a different angle than most mounts can provide. Check it out at

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