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‘Watch out Weevers about’ / How to prevent being stung

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Dolores Tricarico
Dolores Tricarico
3 years ago

I was stung by a weever in Spanish Point, County Clare Ireland. I thought at first that I stepped on glass but upon leaving the water had my husband look at the bottom of my foot but could not see any blood or glass. That’s when the pain started and a girl next to me said you were stung by a weever fish and better get right to the life guard station or you could die! I had put my foot in the ocean thinking that the cold water might ease the pain but it only got worse. At this… Read more »

Reuben Ellis
3 years ago

Thanks for your comment. Yes its a very painful thing.
Getting it in hot water fast is the key. I have never heard you can die from them!? But maybe if you can be allergic to them. Sorry you went through that. But hope you can bring some thing away of what to do next time… But hope there wont be one!

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