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2024 Barcelona SUP World Fest – Euro Tour SUP

The biggest event on the Euro Tour SUP calendar took place last weekend. The Barcelona SUP World Fest had spectacular action, with yet again challenging conditions that made everyone earn their finish.

*Press Release: EuroTour SUP

For the women’s race Esperanza Barreras’ return saw her right back in the title hunt although she went back and forth with second; put down some distance for the win. Mariecarmen Rivera finished runner up after being right there all race. The only one to keep close to the leaders was Alba Frey in third showing the great shape she’s in at the moment. In 4th was Anais Guyomarch who relished in the shaky conditions. The fight for Top5 was very close with Iona Rivet claiming the 5th spot.

For the Men’s race, Shura Araki (Shrimpy) has now broken the record for the most dominant performances by a male in Euro Tour SUP history, with yet his most assertive win to date. Building on his epic result from last week, Aaron Sanchez repeated 2nd position this time among the world’s best. Redeeming himself this week was Michael Booth in third. In 4th was Mr.Consistency himself Rai Taguchi. After a fantastic race near the front Clement Colmas closed out the Top5.

The kids race in the afternoon was the best part of the venue, with some tight racing and lots of smiles.

We really want to thank Carlos, Meritxell, the entire crew of volunteers & all the staff at Club Pativela Barcelona for running a spectacular event and accommodating everyone at the biggest event of the year. For sure an event that all the riders are looking forward to be a staple in the calendar.

Stay tuned for Eeurotour2024 event 5 in a few weeks: Nordhausen SUP Race 22nd June

Mens Results -

Top 10 Men:

  1. Shuri Araki
  2. Aaron Sánchez
  3. Michael Booth
  4. Rai Taguchi
  5. Clement Colmas
  6. Vaic Garioud
  7. Blue Ewer
  8. Fernando Perez
  9. Ollie Houghton
  10. Arthur Arutkin

Womens Results -

Top 10 Women:

  1. Espe Barreras
  2. Mari Carmen Rivera
  3. Alba Frey
  4. Anais Guyomarch
  5. Iona Rivet
  6. Sonia Caimari
  7. Cecilia Pampinella
  8. Susak Molinero
  9. Juliette Du Haime
  10. Seychelle Webster

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