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Mark Salter Interview: Endurance SUP Racing

Learn about endurance SUP racing through this interview with Mark Salter. This chat was truly inspiring and Mark shares his stories and knowledge on becoming one of the World's best long distance paddlers.

Mark Salter is a competitive endurance SUP racer from the UK who holds a Guinness World Record for the fastest crossing of Loch Ness. He is a multiple endurance race champion, record setter and SUP 11 Cities non-stop and 5 day finisher.

In this interview, we caught up with Mark to chat about his achievements but also his journey on becoming one of the world’s top endurance SUP racers. He shares his insights on the mental strength required for such paddles, the gear he uses and the stories behind some of his favourite events.

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5 months ago

Great to hear your thoughts Mark. Your insights into the nonstop 11 Cities event put the whole thing in a new (darker!) light for me Good also to hear your thoughts on training – particularly getting the bulk of the work done in Zones 1&2. I joined April Zilg’s online training group last year and have been a convert to this. Saw it payoff after applying it mid-way through last season, and looking forward to seeing what a decent preseason Base phase does this year. All the best with your racing. See you at the Skedaddle. ps. Thanks Beau for… Read more »

Mark Salter
Mark Salter
5 months ago
Reply to  Jonathan

Thanks so much for that Jonathan. Really happy to know it’s of interest. I can’t wait to see you at Skedaddle and we can talk 11C 🙂

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