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2023 NSP Ninja Race SUP

NSP have released their updated Ninja race SUP for 2023 which includes new improvements and junior models.

NSP is excited to release the latest evolution of the NSP Ninja Pro Carbon, the ultimate flat water racing machine for hardcore Stand-Up Paddle athletes.

An improved cockpit design keeps out more water, whereas the reinforced and heightened rail lip shields has improved the protection from splash water.
Additionally, a reduction in the length of the recessed area means an athlete collects less splash water in buoy turns. Moving the four AVS pods contributes to a better glide and optimizes the draining capacity of the one-way valves inside the AVS. A width range of 21” up to 24″ means there is a Ninja for your comfort zone, giving you the best flat water weapon available for your paddling ability.


The rise of paddleboarding clubs and growth of the Junior racing class requires a board that allows younger athletes between 30kg and 50kg to perform at the apex of their ability. The Ninja 12’6″ has the same features as the 14-foot original, with refinements to the nose area and a flat-deck design instead of the recessed area of the 14′ versions.


– Recessed deck for a low center of gravity, adding stability (full-size 14′ only)
– All NSP Ninjas now come with three neoprene handles, two short and one long
– A 12’6″ version for the Junior Racing class, featuring a flat-deck design
– A relatively wide tail helps performance and confident buoy turning
– Accelerator Vacuum System (AVS) for quick water drain out of the deck (excluded on the 12’6″ flat-deck design)
– A full-length nose keeps the board under the waterline, preventing shlogging for more speed and consistent glide
– Additional features are its neoprene handles, the proven 4 drain holes that immediately expel excess water from the dugout
– A one-way GORE® vent near the FCS-mount for a GoPro (or GPS) prevents pressure build-ups

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