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Blue Planet Retracting Foil Waist Leash- 2023 Version

The Retractable Foil Waist Leash is the latest and most versatile reel model with a quick release function. Blue Planet have updated the product for 2023.

Retractable Foil Waist Leash with Shock Cord is an exclusive Blue Planet design made by Oceanus. Retracting reel leash with velcro waistband, now comes with a new and improved shock cord!

Forget about coiled up leash knots and getting the leash wrapped around the foil. This SUPfoil and windfoil specific reel leash system was developed by Robert Stehlik in collaboration with Oceanus and is available exclusively through Blue Planet Surf.

It includes a velcro waist belt that firmly holds the retracting leash against your body with soft neoprene padding (no flopping around) and includes an elastic shock cord, please watch the video below for details on how it works.

The Retractable Foil Waist Leash is the latest and most versatile reel model with a quick release function. It is a proven board leash system that won’t hinder foiling and rides very much the same as being leash-free with the peace of mind of knowing you are connected. The leash is an extremely durable, lightweight retractable system designed for use in a fresh or saltwater environment. The leash is a lightweight plastic housing that contains a stainless steel spring and spool of webbing connected to a snap hook. The mouth of the housing where the webbing feeds through is re-enforced from the inside making it more durable. A high-strength webbing strap is attached to the top of the board by the fin screws and a 30-inch rope extension is run through the ring on the webbing strap. The snap hook, rated at 270 pounds, attaches to the 30-inch rope extension. The rope extension allows the reel to not be under any tension during normal riding or use and only provide the tensions and reeling action when you are separated from the board. Safer than traditional tubular, fixed-length leashes, the reel leash will allow the board and rider to separate but provide enough torque from the spring system to control/eliminate slack and reduce the risk of the board shooting back toward the foiler.

The Retractable Foil Waist Leash is all about quality, enjoyment, and peace of mind of the ride. Superior in appearance, performance, and safety, the leash is a clean, common sense, and sophisticated approach to keeping the foiler connected.

New 2023 belts feature an adjustable buckle and are sized accordingly

Small/Medium waist up to 33″

Large/Extra Large waist 33″-44″

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