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April Zilg: Blood Lactate Testing

April Zilg shows us the lengths she goes to become better at distance races by testing her blood lactate levels during SUP & OC training.

Here’s April to explian;

“After 8 months of very focused aerobic base development to help overcome my aerobic deficiency syndrome (and my inability to hold a peak, recover from hard efforts, or go fast without a ton of anaerobic metabolism), I retested my aerobic threshold using a Blood Lactate meter again. In the first test, my aerobic threshold, as defined by a blood lactate concentration of around 2mmol/L was around 145bpm. I tested it in an outrigger canoe, and although I wanted to test both SUP and OC, I didn’t find the time. 8 months later, I retested on SUP and found my aerobic threshold to be around 165bpm. Yes, I need to retest in the outrigger as well, so stay tuned 🙂 As well as retest after eating a banana… But, for now, I can feel it, and the test confirms that I’m becoming more aerobically efficient at higher heart rates, which will enable me to hold my speeds for longer in the future. Although, let’s be honest, for me this was about health, and my ability to handle hard race efforts without getting sick or feeling like crap for days or weeks.”

Seriously interesting insight into how to perform at your best. Thanks April!

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jonathan Hebert
jonathan Hebert
1 year ago

really enjoyed that, very interesting 🙂

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