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APP Welcomes Decision to Award Governance of SUP to ISA

The APP welcomes the landmark decision by the Court of Arbitration (CAS) to award governance of SUP to the ISA at an Olympic level. The resolution of this matter is a historic moment for the sport of SUP and the ISA.

Its partnership with the APP World Tour, that was formalized back in 2017, highlights this commitment to a bright future for the sport, as the two organizations work hand in hand to create opportunity and harmony in the sport.

The CAS award allows the ISA to further focus and fully accelerate the international growth and popularity of the sport, as the International Sport Federation responsible for SUP at the Olympic level. While in parallel, the APP World Tour continues to evolve the sport’s professional platform providing unprecedented opportunities for athletes from all over the world and unique experiences for its global audience and participation bases.

““At the end of this long and difficult paddle, we are both relieved and gratified by this important decision by CAS.  In confirming the ISA’s governance of SUP at the Olympic level, CAS has validated our years of passion, commitment and leadership – from our world champions, to our officials, organizers and member federations.    The global SUP community can now look forward with clarity in continuing the building of an exciting future for SUP and its athletes. This includes our long-term ambition and plan to see the sport included in the Olympic Programme under the leadership and authority of the ISA.”- ISA President, Fernando Aguerre”

A new, unified era for the sport of Stand Up Paddling with the ambition of Olympic inclusion and sport development at every level

““As an active athlete, but also a leader of the ISA, I am truly stoked for this outcome. At the same time, we are pleased to put this legal process behind us. We are eager to get back to the important priority for all of us in expanding the global opportunities for SUP athletes and the sport.”- ISA Vice President and current APP World Champion Casper Steinfath”

With this important decision now behind us, the ISA and the APP are able to progress with their unified vision for the sport: this comprises of inclusive participation for all, legitimate global sporting standards, the continued development and expansion of the APP’s professional platform and working towards the goal of Olympic Inclusion with development at every level of participation.

“"The decision by the Court of Arbitration represents an important milestone for the sport of Stand Up Paddling, allowing the ISA and the APP to continue their work towards a brighter future for the sport."The APP is proudly sanctioned by the ISA as the Official World Championship Tour for the Sport, and is excited to continue its work with the ISA to develop the sport at every level, from newcomers to the sport right up to the Professionals competing on the APP World Tour and at the ISA Worlds."While Olympic aspirations are clearly an exciting goal, the work that has been and continues to be done at a regional, national and international level is equally important, as here at the APP we see it as a privilege to continue to support the ISA in its rightful global governance of the sport moving forward." - Tristan Boxford, CEO of the APP World Tour”

CAS also have press release which can be viewed here

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